Ryan Hannig, LBA

Ryan has been practicing ABA for over 14 years.  Before that, he enjoyed teaching at a performing arts school in Los Angeles.  Ryan has extensive experience in: school-based programming, creating custom intervention plans for diverse populations, and focusing on environmental planning within home and community settings.  Ryan believes in inclusion models and taking advantage of every natural opportunity to help shape behavior.  He places emphasis on collaboration between all members of a client’s team in order to promote generalization and further independence.  Ryan enjoys guest lecturing at local universities and schools and regularly offers trainings to parents, students, and teachers alike.  He’s an active member in Washington’s ABA community and currently serves as Treasurer for WABA. In his free time, Ryan explores the arts, culture, and nature of the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two daughters.          


Heather E., BCBA, LBA

Heather has worked in a variety of settings helping individuals with disabilities since 1998. She began with an after-school program and then became a behavior technician in homes and schools. She graduated from California Lutheran University in 2006, with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and an emphasis in child development and special education. In 2007, she began supervising behavioral programs within an ABA-based agency. During that time she graduated from St. Cloud State University with a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis, and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2012. For the past 9 years, she has been in a supervisory role overseeing the clinical quality of clinic-based, school, and in-home programs primarily for individuals with autism. Her areas of greatest interest include increasing communication skills vocally or via alternative modalities, teaching individuals self-management, and working with parents to achieve a better quality of life for their family.


Teresa M., BCBA, LBA

Teresa began working with children with special needs in 2003 as an in home behavior therapist and classroom aide in an integrated preschool.   She received her Bachelor of Arts in sociology and public relations from Gonzaga University in 2004.   After graduating, she worked as a behavior therapist at University of Washington’s Early Start Denver Model and then returned to Gonzaga for graduate school where she received her Master's in Education.  During her time at Gonzaga, she received her MA in Special Education, her teaching certificate and completed three master’s tracks:  functional analysis, general special education, and early childhood special education.  She has had extensive training and experience utilizing the principals of behavior analysis including Precision Teaching, Pivotal Response Training, the Denver Model, Natural Environmental Teaching, Discrete Trial Training, Verbal Behavior, and Direct Instruction.   Teresa has worked with children and adults ages 1 to 30 years old with a variety of disabilities and in a wide range of settings.  She is highly skilled in completing functional assessments, positive behavior support plans, and tailoring the plans to the child and family’s needs. 

Julie O., BCBA, LBA
Julie received her BA degree with a Psychology major and a Theater minor from Whittier College in 2005.  She went on to receive an MA in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University in 2011, followed by her BCBA certificate in 2017.  She has 5 years of experience working with children of all ages with autism.  She joined Imagine in 2013 as a behavior technician.  She loves using a child’s strengths to develop individualized plans to accomplish developmental goals.  Julie is especially passionate about working with young children and feels early intervention with individualized goals is essential for the most improved outcomes. She enjoys working with families, in clinical and home settings, to help them lead the healthiest and most fulfilling lives possible.

Julie D., BCBA, LBA

Julie received her Bachelors of Arts in English Literature in 2011 from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois.  After relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 2013, she began working with early learners and young adults as a direct behavior technician in the greater Tacoma area.  Julie spent three years working as a Registered Behavior Technician while pursuing her Masters in Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University prior to becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  Julie has experience supervising clinic and home-based therapy programs and has an interest in Functional Communication Training, Verbal Behavior, Discrete Trial Training, Direct Instruction, and Natural Environment Training.  Originally from Chicago, Julie enjoys reading, creative writing, making deep dish pizza and listening to music.

Pamela B., BCBA, LBA

Pamela began her career working with individuals with disabilities in 2009 as a behavior specialist, respite companion, and paraprofessional.  Pamela received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California, Fullerton.  Over the years, she became more interested in Applied Behavior Analysis.  She went on to receive a Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2016, followed by passing the BCBA exam shortly after.  Pamela has experience supervising home-based programs and has an interest in Natural Environment Training, Verbal Behavior, Function-Based Interventions, Functional Communication Training, Interventions for Early Learners, and Relational Frame Theory.  Pamela was born and raised in Southern California and relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2018.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, snuggle time with her pug, baking, cooking, and discovering new places to eat. 

Megan T., BCBA, LBA 

Megan fell in love with the science of ABA in 2011 after volunteering with a private educational program for children with autism. Some of the highlights of her career include supporting employment and teaching functional life skills to adults with autism, teaching language and social skills to early learners, and collaborating with public school behavior support teams to improve socially significant behavior. Along the way, Megan received her Masters of Arts degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. While she has extensive experience in various principles of ABA, she is passionate about teaching functional communication and behavior management skills to reduce maladaptive behavior. She enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and dog, rock-climbing, and volunteering and her community church.

Nina B., BCBA, LBA

Nina first began working with individuals with disabilities in 2012 as a direct care professional. After receiving her Bachelors of Arts in Human Development from University of California San Diego, California, she and her husband moved to the PNW. It was then Nina became interested in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and began working with clients ranging from 3 to 18 years old. After working as a behavior technician for over 4 years, she went on to receive her Master's degree in Professional Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology, Florida. Nina enjoys spending time with her family, exploring new places to eat, and playing video games in her spare time.


Eva is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 15 years of experience working with children with behavioral challenges and developmental delays.  She is experienced in providing therapeutic  supports to children ages 2-12 for a variety of skills including communication, self-care, social and academics. Using positive behavior techniques, she's helped countless clients and caregivers learn powerful and effective strategies that foster desirable behaviors while at the same time diminishing negative ones. She received her B.A. in Psychology and Social Behavior from University of California Irvine and M.A. from University of Reno Nevada. She has been a professor of psychology and is a Mental Health Advocate.

Shannon C., BCBA, LBA

Shannon found her passion supporting young individuals with developmental disabilities as a therapy assistant during her college education.  After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a Music minor from University of Washington, she worked as a RBT in home, community, clinic, and preschool settings before deciding to further her career in ABA.  She received her Master's  through the University of Washington (UW) while earning her BCBA.  She has garnered experience working with children in early intervention and school age populations. She is passionate about Discrete Trial Training, Naturalistic Teaching, Functional Communication Training, and family-centered interventions. Outside of work, Shannon enjoys playing violin in her community orchestra, exploring new coffee shops, and spending time with her family and friends.

Melissa W., BCBA

Melissa began in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis in 2013 as a behavior technician in New England. In 2017, she completed a master’s degree in psychology, with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis from Capella University, passing her BCBA exam the following year. Melissa has experience in the provision of therapy across a variety of settings, working with individuals from 2 to 22 years of age. She has served a diverse group of individuals, working in various parts of the country, most recently in California. Melissa has extensive experience implementing and creating programming using a variety of evidence based instructional methodologies. Outside of work, Melissa enjoys kayaking, traveling, spending time with her dog, family and friends, as well as horseback riding.

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