Imagine provides progressive support to schools through consultation and training. While traditional models provide paraprofessional level support to specific children and classrooms, Imagine aims to support, train and guide school personnel in an effort to build autonomy and independence.

Imagine BCBAs provide customized behavior intervention plans, which are strategically implemented and analyzed through carefully tracked data.  Our objective is to support educators, teaching effective methods to ensure that all students are able to access their given curriculum.  We respect every teacher’s individual pedagogy and work diligently to shape our approach to meet the needs of each classroom.  Our team utilizes evidence based teaching methods to ensure that all school staff members have the tools they need to independently implement successful behavior intervention.

Imagine offers:

•    FBA/BIP Consultation/Write-ups
•    Student and classroom specific intervention strategies
•    BCBA consultation both in classroom and IEP settings
•    Behavior Technicians available for daily training, modeling,        and support
•    Data collection training

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